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Portrait - Aaron (aka 85)

Aaron (aka 85)

The timid and low intelligent Asst. Superintendent of the Fury-161 facility. He has little respect among the inmates and holds a rarely unwavering belief in Weyland Yutani, even against overwhelming evidence.

Portrait - Andrews


The gruff and hardened Warden of the prison colony on Fury-161. He views Ripley's arrival and her subsequent disruption of the status quo to be an indirect threat to the power he holds over the facility.

Portrait - Michael Bishop (Bishop II)

Michael Bishop (Bishop II)

The designer of the Bishop series of android, and scientist for Weyland Yutani sent to Fury-161 to secure the creature and stop Ripley from destroying it.

Portrait - Carter Burke

Carter Burke

A self involved and manipulative Weyland Yutani executive who initiated the events on LV-426 for profit and his own ambitions.

Portrait - Ash


The science officer of the nostromo who turns out to be an android sent by the company to capture an alien.

Portrait - Brett


The quiet Assistant Engineer aboard the Nostromo, and first to encounter and be killed by the full grown alien.

Portrait - Dallas


The relaxed and practical captain of the Nostromo who's decisions while investigating the emergency signal resulted in the alien being brought on board the ship.

Portrait - Kane


Executive officer of the Nostromo who's curiosity about the alien signal will help sway the crew to the planet and result in the first encounter with the alien.

Portrait - Lambert


The nervous and easily annoyed navigator of the Nostromo. She would emotionally breakdown as events with the alien unfolded.

Portrait - Parker


Chief engineer and vocal union worker aboard the Nostromo. His aggressive personality and complaining is offset by his determination and strength under pressure.

Portrait - Ripley (Alien)

Ripley (Alien)

Ellen Ripley was born on January 7th, 2092 at the Olympia colony on Luna. She had one daughter, Amanda Ripley-McClaren. Sometime prior to 2122, she was hired as a Warrant Officer for the Weyland-Yutani commercial hauler USCSS Nostromo

Portrait - David 8

David 8

David is the android assigned to maintain the Prometheus during the crew's hypersleep, and upon waking, the primary instrument guiding Peter Weyland's mission, often against the best interests of the rest of the crew.