This is a list of all characters and entries tagged with the term USMC.

Portrait - Apone


The respected and well liked SCO of the marines sent to LV-426. His experience and level head under fire was essential to the squad.

Portrait - Crowe


An unassuming marine private who met his end in the alien attack on LV-426.

Portrait - Dietrich


A professional and compassionate field medic who was the first marine to be attacked by the aliens on LV-426.

Portrait - Drake


The second smart gunner of the squad whose negative attitude and aggressive nature made him both difficult and effective.

Portrait - Ferro


Calm and cool pilot of the dropship "Bug Hunter" used to transport the Marines from the Sulaco to the the planets surface.

Portrait - Frost


A solid and respected Marine who could be counted on to keep moral high even when situations became tense.

Portrait - Gorman


A fresh out of the academy lieutenant in charge of the squad who's inexperience and lack of leadership proved difficult both for moral as well as during live fire.

Portrait - Hicks


A quiet and level headed member of the LV-426 squad. His unassuming nature and easy going demeanor hide the smart heroic squad leader he ultimately becomes.

Portrait - Hudson


The slightly overbearing and over confident member of the squad sent to LV-426. He is also the most likely member to complain and see the worst in a situation.

Portrait - Spunkmeyer


The quiet and well liked crewchief/Co-Pilot of the dropship "bughunter" sent to LV-426.

Portrait - Vasquez


One of two Smart Gunners sent ot LV-426, Vasquez was the ultimate example of Marine Corps badass. Emotional and hot headed but with an unflinching loyalty to her squad.

Portrait - Wierzbowski


The rarely seen, hardly known private in the squad who meets a quick death offscreen, but has lived on favorably on the internet.

Portrait - Blake


A synthetic member of the Marine special forces unit sent to retrieve an Alien, She would ultimately sacrifice herself to save Billie from the marine forces during the escape from earth.

Portrait - Butler


A synthetic Marine and close confidant of Billie (Newt) during the mission to capture a live alien specimen for the Terran Govt. Butler was lost and presumed dead during the mutiny against General Spears during the aline infestation on earth.

Portrait - TJ Easley

TJ Easley

A member of the Colonial Marines sent on a mission the aliens homeworld. He is killed when he discovers a plot to sabotage the mission.