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This is a list of all characters and entries tagged with the term Sulaco.

Portrait - Apone


The respected and well liked SCO of the marines sent to LV-426. His experience and level head under fire was essential to the squad.

Portrait - Bishop


The android assigned to the squad and ultimately the character that saves the survivors by getting them off planet before the the facility explodes.

Portrait - Carter Burke

Carter Burke

A self involved and manipulative Weyland Yutani executive who initiated the events on LV-426 for profit and his own ambitions.

Portrait - Crowe


An unassuming marine private who met his end in the alien attack on LV-426.

Portrait - Drake


The second smart gunner of the squad whose negative attitude and aggressive nature made him both difficult and effective.

Portrait - Ferro


Calm and cool pilot of the dropship "Bug Hunter" used to transport the Marines from the Sulaco to the the planets surface.

Portrait - Gorman


A fresh out of the academy lieutenant in charge of the squad who's inexperience and lack of leadership proved difficult both for moral as well as during live fire.

Portrait - Hicks


A quiet and level headed member of the LV-426 squad. His unassuming nature and easy going demeanor hide the smart heroic squad leader he ultimately becomes.

Portrait - Hudson


The slightly overbearing and over confident member of the squad sent to LV-426. He is also the most likely member to complain and see the worst in a situation.

Portrait - Spunkmeyer


The quiet and well liked crewchief/Co-Pilot of the dropship "bughunter" sent to LV-426.

Portrait - Vasquez


One of two Smart Gunners sent ot LV-426, Vasquez was the ultimate example of Marine Corps badass. Emotional and hot headed but with an unflinching loyalty to her squad.

Portrait - Wierzbowski


The rarely seen, hardly known private in the squad who meets a quick death offscreen, but has lived on favorably on the internet.