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Portrait - Michael Bishop (Bishop II)

Michael Bishop (Bishop II)

The designer of the Bishop series of android, and scientist for Weyland Yutani sent to Fury-161 to secure the creature and stop Ripley from destroying it.

Portrait - Gediman


One of the scientists on the Ripley cloning team, and the one most obsessed with the alien lifeforms themselves.

Portrait - Wren


A smart, self serving and manipulative doctor charged with extracting an alien embryo from the Ripley clones aboard the USS Auriga.

Portrait - Ash


The science officer of the nostromo who turns out to be an android sent by the company to capture an alien.

Portrait - Waidslaw Orona

Waidslaw Orona

A geneticist and scientist looking to capture and study the alien. After the infestation he devoted himself to researching a way to stop the creature, before taking his own life to prevent becoming a host.

Portrait - Millburn


The nervous and awkward biologist of the Prometheus mission whose erratic behavior around new creatures is a source of much confusion and complaint from fans of the film.