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Portrait - David 8

David 8

David is the android assigned to maintain the Prometheus during the crew's hypersleep, and upon waking, the primary instrument guiding Peter Weyland's mission, often against the best interests of the rest of the crew.

Portrait - Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

Shaw is a highly trained archeologist whose faith and almost unwavering belief in her theories about the "Engineers" both help and hinder her mission on LV-223.

Portrait - Holloway


Archaeologist and partner to Dr. Shaw. Holloway's frustration about their discoveries lead to him being infected with the black oil by David and eventually killed when he begins mutating.

Portrait - Janek


Janek is the relaxed but professional captain of the Prometheus and person responsible for the overall safety of the crew and its mission.

Portrait - Millburn


The nervous and awkward biologist of the Prometheus mission whose erratic behavior around new creatures is a source of much confusion and complaint from fans of the film.