TAG: Inmate

This is a list of all characters and entries tagged with the term Inmate.

Portrait - Boggs


A large and outspoken inmate who will be one of the first killed by the alien creature.

Portrait - David


The older and quieter inmate at fury-161 who knows more about the facility and what is available to combat the creature.

Portrait - Dillon


The spiritual leader and enforcer of the rule of god among the inmates in the fury-161 facility. While Andrews is the ultimate authority and warden, all the inmates look to DIllon as the true voice of order and keeper of the peace, especially after RIpley

Portrait - Frank


A violent sexual predator who's death causes the quinitricetyline explosion and fire.

Portrait - Golic


The most mentally unstable and violent inmate of the facility, most inmates avoid or shun him thinking that he is crazy. He takes on a holy worshipping of the alien after witnessing it.

Portrait - Gregor


One of the inmates who tried attacking Ripley. He would later be burned in the capturing of the creature and ultimately killed in the tunnels luring it to the lead works.

Portrait - Jude


A murderer who dies trying to outrun the alien during the cat and mouse chase at the lead works.

Portrait - Junior


The violent sexual predator with a prison teardrop tattoo who leads an attack on Ripley in the scrapyard. He later sacrifices himself to save her and his fellow inmates.

Portrait - Kevin


The nervous sometimes assistant to Clemens who is the first to notice Ripley's unusual behavior around Newt's body.

Portrait - Morse


A small manipulative and smart inmate who is distinguished by his gold teeth and one of the only friends of fellow inmate Golic. He will be the only survivor of the facility.

Portrait - Murphy


The inmate who finds Ripley's EEV and first inmate killed by the alien in the air ducts.

Portrait - Raines


One of the first inmates to see Ripley when she arrives at the facility, he is killed early on with Boggs when encountering the alien in the tunnels.

Portrait - Troy


An inmate as well as technician and handyman of the prison. He was often complaining about the state of the equipment.

Portrait - William


And easily panicked inmate who was less religious than the others, and one of the three who attacked Ripley in the scrap yard.