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This is a list of all characters and entries tagged with the term Android.

Portrait - Call


A second generation android or "Auton" on a mission to kill Ripley and eliminate the Queen embryo before the military can utilize it.

Portrait - Bishop


The android assigned to the squad and ultimately the character that saves the survivors by getting them off planet before the the facility explodes.

Portrait - Ash


The science officer of the nostromo who turns out to be an android sent by the company to capture an alien.

Portrait - Blake


A synthetic member of the Marine special forces unit sent to retrieve an Alien, She would ultimately sacrifice herself to save Billie from the marine forces during the escape from earth.

Portrait - Butler


A synthetic Marine and close confidant of Billie (Newt) during the mission to capture a live alien specimen for the Terran Govt. Butler was lost and presumed dead during the mutiny against General Spears during the aline infestation on earth.

Portrait - David 8

David 8

David is the android assigned to maintain the Prometheus during the crew's hypersleep, and upon waking, the primary instrument guiding Peter Weyland's mission, often against the best interests of the rest of the crew.