TAG: Alien-Resurrection

This is a list of all characters and entries tagged with the term Alien-Resurrection.

Portrait - Call


A second generation android or "Auton" on a mission to kill Ripley and eliminate the Queen embryo before the military can utilize it.

Portrait - Gediman


One of the scientists on the Ripley cloning team, and the one most obsessed with the alien lifeforms themselves.

Portrait - Johner


A large, scarred and dark humored mercenary aboard the Betty who likes to intimidate others with his appearance and attitude.

Portrait - Perez


The military general in charge of the USS Auriga where the Ripley cloning experiments are conducted.

Portrait - Purvis


An innocent alien experimentation victim kidnapped and delivered to the Scientists by the crew of the Betty.

Portrait - Ripley-8


The 8th human/alien hybrid clone of Ellen Ripley and the most successful attempt at separating the intermixed human/alien DNA.

Portrait - Wren


A smart, self serving and manipulative doctor charged with extracting an alien embryo from the Ripley clones aboard the USS Auriga.