SOURCE: Comics

Comics - Multitudes of comics were published by Dark Horse that expanded the Aliens universe. While the quality after the initial series can be debated, the comics are treated by many as more canon than some of the films.

This is a list of all characters and entries originating from the source material of Comics.

Portrait - Blake


A synthetic member of the Marine special forces unit sent to retrieve an Alien, She would ultimately sacrifice herself to save Billie from the marine forces during the escape from earth.

Portrait - Butler


A synthetic Marine and close confidant of Billie (Newt) during the mission to capture a live alien specimen for the Terran Govt. Butler was lost and presumed dead during the mutiny against General Spears during the aline infestation on earth.

Portrait - Salvaje


A rich cult leader obsessed with the alien, believing it to be a god. The infestation that overruns earth is a direct result of his groups actions and worship of the creature.

Portrait - TJ Easley

TJ Easley

A member of the Colonial Marines sent on a mission the aliens homeworld. He is killed when he discovers a plot to sabotage the mission.

Portrait - Waidslaw Orona

Waidslaw Orona

A geneticist and scientist looking to capture and study the alien. After the infestation he devoted himself to researching a way to stop the creature, before taking his own life to prevent becoming a host.