SOURCE: Aliens

Aliens - The second film in the Alien franchise and the basis for most of the recurring imagery of the series as well as the basic blueprint for the current versions of the world in which the alien series lives.

This is a list of all characters and entries originating from the source material of Aliens.

Portrait - Gorman


A fresh out of the academy lieutenant in charge of the squad who's inexperience and lack of leadership proved difficult both for moral as well as during live fire.

Portrait - Hicks


A quiet and level headed member of the LV-426 squad. His unassuming nature and easy going demeanor hide the smart heroic squad leader he ultimately becomes.

Portrait - Hudson


The slightly overbearing and over confident member of the squad sent to LV-426. He is also the most likely member to complain and see the worst in a situation.

Portrait - Vasquez


One of two Smart Gunners sent ot LV-426, Vasquez was the ultimate example of Marine Corps badass. Emotional and hot headed but with an unflinching loyalty to her squad.