SOURCE: Alien 3

Alien 3 - The third and most contested film in the alien series. Set on a penal colony with limited resources and a storyline that was as intriguing as it was dour, it marked the end of Ripleys initial journey.

This is a list of all characters and entries originating from the source material of Alien 3.

Portrait - Aaron (aka 85)

Aaron (aka 85)

The timid and low intelligent Asst. Superintendent of the Fury-161 facility. He has little respect among the inmates and holds a rarely unwavering belief in Weyland Yutani, even against overwhelming evidence.

Portrait - Andrews


The gruff and hardened Warden of the prison colony on Fury-161. He views Ripley's arrival and her subsequent disruption of the status quo to be an indirect threat to the power he holds over the facility.

Portrait - Clemens


The doctor and quiet voice of reason at the prison facility on Fury-161. He was a former prisoner he stayed on as the prison doctor hoping to atone for his past sins.

Portrait - Dillon


The spiritual leader and enforcer of the rule of god among the inmates in the fury-161 facility. While Andrews is the ultimate authority and warden, all the inmates look to DIllon as the true voice of order and keeper of the peace, especially after RIpley

Portrait - Golic


The most mentally unstable and violent inmate of the facility, most inmates avoid or shun him thinking that he is crazy. He takes on a holy worshipping of the alien after witnessing it.

Portrait - Gregor


One of the inmates who tried attacking Ripley. He would later be burned in the capturing of the creature and ultimately killed in the tunnels luring it to the lead works.

Portrait - Junior


The violent sexual predator with a prison teardrop tattoo who leads an attack on Ripley in the scrapyard. He later sacrifices himself to save her and his fellow inmates.

Portrait - Morse


A small manipulative and smart inmate who is distinguished by his gold teeth and one of the only friends of fellow inmate Golic. He will be the only survivor of the facility.

Portrait - Raines


One of the first inmates to see Ripley when she arrives at the facility, he is killed early on with Boggs when encountering the alien in the tunnels.

Portrait - Ripley (Alien 3)

Ripley (Alien 3)

After several encounters with the creatures, a beaten and defeated Ripley is looking for a way to kill the creature and take her own life to prevent the spread of the aliens.