Scenario: The Rescue of Newt

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

After the escape from Operations, Newt gets separated from Ripley and Hicks and is captured by an Alien. Shortly thereafter Hicks is badly injured by the acid blood of another of the creatures, and this leaves Ripley as Newt's only hope. Arming herself thoroughly, she enters the lairs of the Aliens and finds her way to Newt as the Colony begins to collapse around her. She accidentally discovers the Queen's chamber, and retreats after destroying as much of it as she can. Pursued by the furious Queen, Ripley carries Newt to the apparent safety of the Drop Ship.. only to find herself in the middle of the Ripley vs. The Queen Scenario, from the first game.

Ripley's Gun and Movement

Before entering the Lairs, Ripley carefully prepares for her ordeal. A major part of her preparation involves the attachment of a Flame Unit to a Pulse Rifle. Because of this unique arrangement, Ripley may use either of the weapons shown on her Card, depending on which is more convenient. There is no limit to how she may mix the use of these two weapons; she may even fire the Flame Unit with 1 Action, then fire at another Alien with 1 Action on the Pulse Rifle, and then return to the Flame Unit for her final Action, if she desires.

Ripley also has a single restriction on her movement. Because the Processing Station is about to explode, a large fire has started which fills the corridor directly above Stairwell 7. This is the only passageway which runs safely around the rooms at the center of the Map, and the presence of the fire blocks the passage and forces Ripley to move through two or more Rooms. The importance of mov-ing through Rooms is discussed below.

Room Entry

Whenever Ripley enters a new Room, she must check to see what Aliens live there, if any. To do this, the Room cards are used. As mentioned in Section 4.1, the six cards with the word Room on the back should be assembled into a deck and shuffled.

Each time Ripley enters a new Room, the top card should be flipped over during the following Alien Appearance Phase to reveal what Aliens live in the Room. There are several possible results.

  • Empty: There are no Aliens in the Room at the present.
  • Alien: There is one Alien in the Room. Roll the die, place the Alien on the square with the number rolled, and move it 1 square toward the nearest Marine. (As mentioned earlier, each Room on the Map has the numbers 1 through 9 in it.) If the Bonus Bug rule is being used, then a roll of 0 indicates that there is an additional Alien in the Room.
  • Facehugger:The Room has a number of Alien Egg sacs in it, one of which is open. As usual, the die is rolled and a Facehugger Counter is placed in the appropriate square and moved 1 toward the nearest Marine. If the Bonus Bug rule is in effect, then each 0 rolled indicates that there is an additional Facehugger in the Room.
  • Queen + 2 Aliens: Ripley has stumbled across the Queen's Lair. The Queen Counter and two Aliens are placed in the Room using the usual method, except that any Bonus Bugs rolled when placing the Queen should not be treated as Bonus Queens; they are simply normal Aliens. If Ripley or Newt stay in the Room or attempt to pass through it, they will be attacked by the Alien sentries; if they leave on their next Turn, the Aliens will not follow them. If, on the other hand, Ripley actually fires at the Queen, then her sentries will attack and the Queen will attack as well, after spending one full Turn freeing herself from her egg-laying apparatus. Note that the Queen will not move if she is not threatened.

Sentry Arrival

On the two Turns after a Room Card has been flipped, there is a chance that an Alien Sentry will arrive. As with the Room Cards, the ten Sentry Cards should be stacked and shuffled together.

During the Alien Appearance Phase of each of the two Turns, flip the top Card of the Sentry deck to see if an Alien arrives. There are two possible results.

  • Empty: No Alien arrives. Play continues normally.
  • Alien: An Alien appears in the Room. The square it arrives in is rolled normally, and the Bonus Bug rule is applied if it is in use.

Note that it is possible for a Sentry to arrive even if the original result of the Room Card was Empty; the Sentry Cards are flipped regardless of the result of the Room Card. To keep track of the two Turn cycle of Sentry arrival, just keep the Sentry Card from the first Turn separate from the deck until the second Sentry Card is flipped.


It is assumed that Ripley makes her way into the Lairs without entering any Rooms and without encountering any roaming Aliens. Consequently, this Scenario begins with Ripley adjacent to the Room where Newt is held captive. The Room is the one just below Stairway 8. In the upper right portion of this Room there are three letters; N, F, and R.

Newt starts out in the square with the N in it. She is assumed to be Cocooned, and therefore cannot move until the Turn after Ripley moves next to her square.

Ripley starts in the square marked R, just outside the Room.

The first Turn begins with the Marine Movement and Fire Phase. Ripley may do whatever she wishes, although it is likely that she will want to stay away from the square marked with an F.

Alien Appearance

At the beginning of the second Turn (that is, the first Alien Appearance Phase), a Facehugger Counter is placed in the square marked with an F. It does not get to move the usual 1 square during this Phase; that movement has already been taken into account.

For the two following Turns, Sentry Cards are drawn as is normal for a Room which has been entered.

Thereafter, Aliens will only appear when either Ripley or Newt enters a Room. The rules above under Room Entry and Sentry Arrival are used.

Win-Lose Conditions:

The player wins if both Ripley and Newt reach the Elevator. If one of them is Grabbed or Dead, then the Scenario is a draw. If both are Grabbed or Dead, then the Player loses.

Strategy Tips

Like the Drop Ship, this is a fairly straightforward Scenario. Once the initial threats are mastered, the Player need only select a route and move as quickly and calmly as possible toward the Elevator. The obvious path is through the Rooms directly above the square where Ripley starts, and this is clearly the best choice as long as the Queen is not in either of the Rooms on that path. If she is, then the only real alternative is to backtrack and find a new route.

A wise strategy is to have Ripley step only a single square into a Room and then back out again on the same Turn. This helps to eliminate the risk of being immediately jumped by an Alien. Another trick is possible if the Optional Rule for Fires is used; use the Flame Unit to set Fires in nearby Alien Appearance squares.