Scenario: Reactor Room (Variants)

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

There are a number of interesting Scenario possibilities in the original ALIENS game, in addition to the ones given in the rulebook. The following are some basic ideas about how to change the Scenarios in ALIENS; they can be used as points of departure for Players looking for new challenges.

Two simple ways of making the Reactor Room Scenario a trifle more challenging are as follows. The first (and generally easier) method is to have 3 Aliens drop on the Red Turns, instead of 2. This apparently slight increase can make a tremendous difference in game balance. If that is still too easy for you, make it 3 Aliens on Blue Turns, and 2 on Red Turns. That should be nightmare enough for almost everyone.

The other option is to double the number of Bonus Bugs; that is, the roll of a 0 means that 2 extra Aliens arrive, instead of 1. If you do not roll a lot of 0's, this rule will be no problem. If you tend to roll 0's, however, this can lead to an unbelievable proliferation of Aliens.

Win-Lose Conditions:

See the original reactor room scenario.