Scenario: Operations (Variant)

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

There are a number of interesting Scenario possibilities in the original ALIENS game, in addition to the ones given in the rulebook. The following are some basic ideas about how to change the Scenarios in ALIENS; they can be used as points of departure for Players looking for new challenges.

We call this variant "Gorman's Last Stand." The idea is simple; do not evacuate Operations. Stay in the room, and attempt to hold it through the entire course of the Turn Chart for the Scenario. That means a lot of Aliens pouring into the room at certain points, and times when there is almost nowhere safe to stand. That is what makes it interesting, of course. If you start looking for a greater challenge, add 1 to the number of Blue Aliens each Turn (or Red, if you want a game that will keep you hopping.)

Win-Lose Conditions:

Have at least one survivor in the operations map at the end of the turn chart.