Scenario: Hunt for the Queen

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

The Hunt For The Queen is one of the most demanding of the Scenarios. In it, the Players take every single Marine, armed in whatever way they choose, into the Lairs for a direct confrontation with the Queen. In general, this Scenario is run using the rules from the Marine Assault Scenario.


The Marines begin the game at the Elevator. All 16 of the Marines are present (including Burke and Newt), all are in healthy condition, and each has whichever weapon is desired from the ones shown on the Card. They begin with two Marines per square in the Elevator.

Alien Appearance

Alien Appearance is exactly the same as in the Marine Assault Scenario.

Win-Lose Conditions:

The Victory Conditions of this grueling Scenario are simple; if the Marines kill the Queen and any of them survive, they Win. If they kill her but they all die, then it is a Draw. If they fail to kill the Queen, then regardless of how many survive they Lose.

Strategy Tips

There is one obvious tip which the Players may or may not use; it does take most of the fun out of the Scenario. The key word is Grenades. Any Marine with a Pulse Rifle can pump two Grenades into the Queen's square, regardless of the situation, if he can at least see her. The vulnerability of Marines to Grenade blasts is high, but a clever Player can be sure to scatter the Marines at a safe distance. As pointed out, however, it really does take most of the fun out of the Scenario. We recommend that Grenades only be used in desperation, or after losing to the Queen a little too often.

Other than that tip there is not very much to say. Try not to leave the Queen too many Ram targets, as the free attacks she gets during Movement can be absolutely devastating.

Newt is of special value in this Scenario, as an Elevator Operator. For example, whenever a Marine is Incapacitated, one of the others (Bishop, perhaps, or Burke) can carry the body back to the Elevator. Then, if everything falls apart, Newt can hit the Up button, and the Players will at least have a handful of survivors. This can be of particular importance if the Marines manage to kill the Queen, but the 'victorious" Marines cannot return to the Elevator either due to time limitations or Alien attack.