Scenario: The Drop Ship

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

Immediately after the Marines' disaster in the Reactor Room, Hicks calls for Ferro and Spunkmeyer, aboard the Drop Ship, to fly in and evacuate the survivors. His intention is to destroy the Aliens (and the entire Colony, in fact) by using nuclear weapons from orbit. He never gets to do this, of course; the Drop Ship has been infiltrated by Aliens, and crashes when Ferro is killed by one of the creatures. This Scenario allows players to run through this brief, rather one-sided battle.

Unlike the rest of the Scenarios presented, this one does not require the use of the Map. The first step is the Alien attack on Spunkmeyer. Just roll a normal attack against Spunkmeyer (whose Melee value is 0). If the result is In Combat or Alien Loses, then Spunkmeyer is able warn Ferro, using his Headset, that he is under attack. Continue to run the battle between the two using normal rules. Spunkmeyer may throw the Alien out of his square at some point; if he does, then he can draw his Pistol, which takes 2 Actions, and he may later be able to open fire. For his chance of hitting the Alien, use the numbers on Gorman's Card for Range 1. It he kills the Alien, then the Marines win the Scenario. If the Alien Grabs Spunkmeyer in any way then the Scenario goes to the next section.

The second section of the Scenario is Ferro's battle with the Alien, which begins when it steps into the Control Cabin of the Drop Ship. Entering the Cabin ends the Alien's movement for the Turn, and it becomes Ferro's Movement and Fire Phase. If Ferro has not been warned by Spunkmeyer, then she has not drawn her Pistol and must spend her first Turn drawing the weapon. Again, this takes 2 Actions. If she has been warned, then her Pistol is already drawn and she may open fire at the Alien. If the Alien survives Ferro's first Turn, then it may attack during the following Alien Attack Phase. From this point forward, their battle is run in the same way as the one involving Spunkmeyer. If Ferro is Grabbed at any point, then the Drop Ship crashes and both she and the Alien are killed.

Win-Lose Conditions:

The Marines win it they kill the Alien.

They lose if Ferro and Spunkmeyer are both either Grabbed in any way or Dead.