Scenario: The Complete Movie Scenario

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

The addition of the Drop Ship and Marine Assault Scenarios makes it possible for Players to recreate the action of the entire movie, possibly more to their own taste. Those desiring to see how well they can do should use the following common-sense guidelines. It is recommended that Players attempting the full Movie Scenario also use all the Optional Rules, especially Bonus Bugs and Ammunition Restrictions.

Players begin by playing the Reactor Room Scenario, using all the normal rules. The survivors of that Scenario get to watch anxiously as Ferro and Spunkmeyer tight for control of the Drop Ship; if they win, then the Marines may evacuate, or may proceed to either the Marine Assault (to rescue whoever got caught in the Reactor Room) or the Hunt For The Queen, depending on their exact situation. If the Drop Ship is lost, however, then the Marines should probably proceed to the Operations I Air Ducts Scenario, and survivors of that may attempt their own version of the Rescue of Newt Scenario if desired. Marines who wish to get off the planet after the Drop Ship is destroyed must fight their way through the Operations I Air Ducts Scenario, while Bishop brings the second Drop Ship down from orbit.

The Drop Ship plays an especially important role in this Scenario. Aboard the Drop Ship are a large supply of weapons and ammunition, so that the Marines can choose their weapons freely and always have Reloads available. Without the Drop Ship, they are restricted to whatever weapons they are currently carrying and one Reload per weapon.

The exact course of the Scenario is left to the Players. If they feel they can take on the Aliens in their Lairs, and that it is worth it to save their comrades, then they may do so. Of course, if the Drop Ship has been destroyed then any offensive strategy becomes much more difficult.

At all times, simply follow the logic of the Movie Scenario in ALIENS. Marines have their condition improved by one level between Scenarios, and surviving Marines are the ones available for the next Scenario.

Marines Incapacitated by Facehuggers require a little bit of special handling. They are considered Dead for final Victory Conditions; after all, it is just a matter of time before a Chestburster kills them. On the other hand, it can be assumed that the Facehugger will fall off the Marine between Scenarios, allowing him or her to fight for the future of the other Marines. Marines who are captured are also in danger of acquiring Facehuggers. If they are rescued during the Scenario immediately following their capture, then they are safe. If they are rescued later on, however, they are assumed to have already had a Chestburster implanted and are doomed.

Win-Lose Conditions:

The question of victory or defeat is a difficult one for this Scenario. On one level, to successfully evacuate any Marines is something of a victory; just take a look at what happened in the movie. For more ambitious Players, simply total up the Victory Points (as defined in the Tournament Rules) and use that to measure your level of Victory. If the total Victory Points is greater than 18, then the Players have done better than the Marines in the movie, which is certainly a victory of sorts. A true victory is only possible, however, if the Queen has been killed; a Player who has only 1 Victory Point but who has killed the Queen in battle has a higher level of victory than someone who has escaped with all the Marines, but who has not defeated the Queen in combat.