Rule: Weapons and Firing (Player Variants)

by: G. N. Unger

Cocking Weapons

After each shot, Shotguns and Grenade Launchers must be re-cocked (1 Action) before they may fire again.


All shots through any square adjacent to a Fire square suffers +1 to the die roll, due to smoke. Fire squares themselves block Line of Sight.

Firing Through Marines

If the die roll would have hit the target, if not for the +3 penalty, then roll one die. On a "0", the intervening Marine is shot and either Wounded, Incapacitated, or killed, depending on how close the shot was to missing altogether.

For example: Hudson fires his Pulserifle through Drake's space at an onrushing Alien, and needs a 6 or less to hit. He rolls a 7, and then rolls another die, which comes up "0". He accidentally blows Drake's head off.

Simultaneous Fire

After each shot is calculated for each Marine, record the numbers needed to kill next to the various Aliens, along with who fired the shots. Only after all Marines have completed their turns are dice rolled to determine the shots' effects. At this point ammo should be deducted.


Aliens shot are merely Stunned. If at Range 1, a Stunned Alien is shot by a pistol, rolling below the exact number needed to hit, then it is killed; otherwise it is Stunned again. Pistols suck.

Pulserifles & Shotguns

When firing, if the exact number needed to hit is rolled, then the weapon merely Stuns the Alien, inducing Acid Splash at +1 to the die roll.


When firing, if the exact number needed to hit is rolled, then the Alien jumps to a random adjacent space (sideways or backwards), is Stunned, and a Fire is started in the space it used to be in. Stunned Aliens receiving any further incinerator hit are killed.

Whenever an Incinerator kills an Alien, place a Fire marker in the Alien's space.

If an Incinerator shot misses place a Fire counter at the same range as the target, but randomly to one side (rolled by the Aliens player). If a Marine is there, that Marine is incinerated. If an Alien is there, the Alien jumps to an adjacent space of the Aliens player's choosing, but is not Stunned.


May upgrade a Stun to a Kill by expending an additional point of ammunition.
Double kills ("Machine-gun Special Ability") require double ammo expenditure; if the to-hit roll was a Stun, both Aliens are Stunned, or one, or none, depending on how much extra ammo is used as per rule 1 above.
Never accidentally hit Marines in their Line of Fire.
Acid Splash extends an additional space out, at +1 to the die roll.

Hidden Ammo

This player should secretly record the Marines' ammunition expenditures, along with all Simultaneous Fire (see above). If a Marine attempts to fire an empty weapon, the Aliens player simply mimes the weapon's use, saying "Click". Any Actions spent on fire that turn are obviously wasted. Checking one's ammunition counter costs 1 Action.