Rule: Tournament Rules

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

The Tournament Rules are designed to be used for competitive play by any number of players. The general structure used should be a straightforward single-elimination tournament; players pair off, and the winner advances to the next round, while the loser is out of the competition.

The Scenario suggested tor use with the Tournament Rules is the basic Movie Scenario. Each Player goes through the Reactor Room Scenario first, and then each plays the Operations/Air Ducts Scenario. At the end of the second Scenario, each Player totals the number of Victory Points that have been earned; the Player with the higher total wins. Victory Points are assigned based on which Marines survive, according to the following list. The list is repeated on the Status Sheet, for convenience.

Ripley 6 Newt, Hicks 5 each Apone, Vasquez, and Hudson 4 Each Drake 3 Other Marines 2 Each Burke 1 For example, if a Player passed through both Scenarios and ended up with Ripley, Hicks, and Newt as survivors (as in the movie), he or she would receive 16 Victory Points; 6 for Ripley, 5 for Hicks, and another 5 for Newt.

Tournament play should also be timed. Each Player should receive 20 minutes to complete the Reactor Room Scenario, and 40 minutes for the Operations I Air Ducts Scenario. For each minute that a Player overruns the time limit, there is a penalty of 1 Victory Point.

The Player is watched by the opponent he or she has been paired with; this allows the opponent to make sure that no mistakes are made. The opponent should also move the Aliens during the Player's game. The opponent must move the Aliens according to the same criteria given in the rules; the Aliens must move their full 4 Actions toward the nearest Marine, without exception. On the other hand, the opponent may choose the exact path taken by the Alien; if the Alien can conceal itself behind an obstruction without losing any squares of its advance toward the Marines, that is perfectly legal. In this way a clever opponent can make life far more difficult for the Player.

As a general example of how a Tournament might be run, if there were a Tournament of 10 Players, they would separate into 5 pairs. Each pair would alternate Scenarios, drawing lots to see who goes first for each Scenario. At the end of this round, there would be 5 winners eligible to advance to the next round. If the organizers wanted to go directly to a round of 4, then only the 4 highest winning scores would advance. These players would again be paired up, with the two winners competing in a final round. Victory Points should be used to break ties, if necessary.