Rule: Sentry Guns

Source: Banjos House Rules

by: Banjo

Each Sentry Gun has 3 Actions which can be spent to either shoot (as per normal Marine firing rules) or “Cool-Down”.

Sentry Guns fire like Machine-Guns, including using the Machine-Gun’s Special Ability (see original rules, Section 3.2, page 26).

Every time a Sentry Gun fires, it’s Heat increases by 1. When Heat reaches 10, the gun has overheated and cannot fire.

Each Cool-Down action decreases that Sentry Gun’s Heat by 1.

Sentry Guns can fire even when they have no Actions left, however each “bonus” shot increases Heat by 1 and the Player must roll 1D10 immediately; if the roll is lower than the gun’s current Heat, it overheats (set its Heat to 10).

Sentry Guns can only shoot or Cool-Down. They cannot move and are unable to initiate a Melee attack.

Optional Rule: Auto-Targeting

For an added challenge, using this rule, all Sentry Guns must declare their targets before anyone (other Sentry Guns and Marines) fires. This means that if two Sentry Guns target the same Alien and one kills it first, the second Sentry Gun’s shot is wasted. Use the Targeting Markers below if needed.