Rule: Running

by: G. N. Unger

Marines which devote their entire Turn's Action allotment toward moving in a straight line may declare themselves Running. On their next Turn, they gain 1 Action to spend, and may only spent that Turn moving in a straight line (with a 1-space deviation allowed per 3 squares moved to reflect a veering trajectory). Running Marines with Action bonuses may decelerate to a stop on their Turn, but only by spending their normal Action allowance to move in their trajectory, thus losing the bonus and freeing their Actions up to Fire or Melee. If a Marine unintentionally Runs into an Alien, stop the Marine in the Alien's square, and put the latter on the former's character card ("Come give Alien a biiig hug"). Marines carrying Incapacitated comrades may not Run (heh heh).

Example: Hudson, having just killed Drake, sees a boiling horde of Aliens approaching and decides to bust ass. On his first Turn, Hudson moves 2 squares in the opposite direction, declaring he's Running. On his second Turn, Hudson gains the 1 Action bonus, and moves 3 squares, moving diagonally on his last square of movement, so as to avoid a grotesque pillar of encrustation. Up ahead, however, an Alien unfolds from the ceiling and starts crawling toward him. On his third Turn, Hudson aborts his gait, and is forced to spend his 2 Actions moving straight ahead. He screeches to a halt right in front of the critter, fumbling with his pistol... "Hicks!?" "Hudson look out!!"