Rule: Operations Door

by: G. N. Unger


During the Operations scenario, the Door requires 2 Actions to open or close, spent by any adjacent marine(s) on either side of it. Those with welders (non-commissioned marines) may then begin sealing the Door. Every Turn a marine spends adjacent to the Door whilst performing no other action, welds 3 Turns' worth, up to a maximum of the regular 15 Turns it will take the Aliens to break through. Note that if the Door is left unwelded, either fully or partially closed, then the Aliens must spend Actions to open it equal to the number spent closing it (e.g. a fully closed, unwelded Door forces an Alien to spend 2 Actions opening it before it may advance). Welding may, of course, take place whilst Aliens are actually pounding down the Door.


A single Alien takes 15 Turns to break through a fully welded Door. If two Aliens are adjacent to the Door, they take only 8 Turns. Prorate this as relevant. Note that an Alien must spend its entire Turn at the Door to pound on it. Aliens ending their movement at the Door must wait until next turn to begin pounding it.


After Aliens have pounded through one third or more of the welded strength of the Door (e.g. after 5 Turns for a fully welded Door), marines may shoot through the Door at any Aliens adjacent to it, with a +3 penalty to the die roll. Grenades fired through explode on the Door's far side, and deduct 5 Turns of welding strength from the Door; ignore the Door when determining Grenade casualties in this case.