Rule: Impregnated Characters

by: Admin

When playing with characters that have been impregnated with an embryo (such as Kane or Ripley form Alien 3) this rule can be used to simulate the effect of the impregnation. At the beginning of each turn, before a character performs their actions, they roll a single die. On a roll of 0, the chestburster inside them makes an attempt to get out.

If a character is healthy, they immediately become wounded. Flip the character card to the wounded side and continue with the turn normally.

A wounded character who fails the roll, now becomes incapacitated. Instead of waiting for their next turn to roll, they must immediately roll again. On a roll 0,1 or 2, the character has succumbed to the chestburster. On the next turn, the player will die and a chestburster will spawn at their location. On any other roll, play continues like normal.

On each subsequent turn, if an incapacitated impregnated character rolls a 0,1 or 2, they succumb to the chestburster and will die/spawn a chestburster on the next turn.

Any characters who have not played their actions when an impregnated player has become incapacitated, may spend one action point to sacrifice the incapacitated character. The sacrifice action can only be performed by characters who are in an adjacent square. If an impregnated character is sacrificed before the chestburster has spawned, this prevents it from doing so as it was sacrificed with the character,