Rule: Marine Specific Rules

by: G. N. Unger

NEW RULE for the Exciting Dropship Scenario

Ferro may, at the cost of forfeiting all her Turn's Actions, make an Initiative roll. On a 6 or more she may eject from the Dropship at the beginning of her next Turn at a cost of 1 Action, provided she is neither Grabbed nor In Combat. The Dropship crashes and the Alien dies, but Ferro gets to join the others defending Operations, using her Pistol. (Yeah!)

Crowe Rule

The Aliens player secretly records Crowe, Frost, or Hudson as holding the Ammo Pouch containing the platoon's Pulserifle ammunition. If this ammunition carrier is incinerated, the ammunition they carry explodes according to the following chart:

0 = Immediately

1-3 = Next turn

4-6 = In 2 turns

7-9 = In 3 turns

The explosion is as powerful as a Grenade focused on the dead Marine's square. If the Marine fell down the shaft, then use the following Grenade chart, with "0" meaning the space the dead Marine fell from:

0 = Dead (Human) -- Dead(Alien)

1 = Incapacitated (Human) -- Stunned(Alien)

2 = Wounded(Human) -- Wounded(Alien)

Frost Saves the Day

On any Turn after anyone has gotten killed, Wounded, or Grabbed, any one of the potential ammo carriers (Crowe, Frost, and Hudson), may forfeit an entire Turn to make an Initiative roll. If he carries the Ammo Pouch (then confirmed or denied by the Aliens player) and roll 6 or greater, he may distribute Pulse rifle ammunition on the following turn, giving clips (at 1 Action each) to any adjacent Marine (4 Actions each to load).

If the ammo carrier is killed or incapacitated, but their body remains on the board, any Marine passing through their space may make an Initiative roll (6+) to Grab either clips (1 Action each), or the entire Pouch (6 Actions). A Marine cannot hold more than two clips on them without the Pouch.