Rule: Hidden Cards

by: G. N. Unger

Hidden Ammo

This player should secretly record the Marines' ammunition expenditures, along with all Simultaneous Fire (see Weapons and Firing Rules here). If a Marine attempts to fire an empty weapon, the Aliens player simply mimes the weapon's use, saying "Click". Any Actions spent on fire that turn are obviously wasted. Checking one's ammunition counter costs 1 Action.

Hidden Marine Cards

How well have you memorized your Aim Time chart? The Aliens player holds all the cards, secretly calculating all odds of hitting. The Marines are thus reduced to guessing about their chances of hitting. Great fun when combined with Simultaneous Fire and Hidden Ammo.

Game Notes:

This is not a Solo Play compatible rule. These Rules require at least two players one player to be controlling the Aliens and the other player(s) to be playing the Marines.