Rule: Hand Grenades

Source: Boardgame Optional Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

In addition to the Grenade Launchers attached to their Pulse Rifles, the Marines also carried small Hand Grenades. These were apparently just as powerful as those used in the Launchers, but in the confined spaces of the Colony they are much harder to use safely.

Any Marine who is sufficiently desperate may use a Hand Grenade anyway. The Marine simply uses one Action to draw and arm the Grenade; at the beginning of the next Marine Movement and Combat Phase, the Grenade goes off in the same square where the Marine drew it. If the Marine has moved, the Player may mark the detonation square with a Facehugger Counter, just to keep track. When the Grenade goes off, it is treated as a normal Grenade detonation; use the Grenade Table on the Reference Card.

Playtesters have nicknamed this the "Let's Nuke Gorman" Rule.