Rule: Going Up?

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

In the movie, Ripley has a number of agonizing moments waiting for the Elevator to arrive. It only seems fair to give your Marines the same opportunity for anxiety.

Assume that the Elevator squares on the Map represent two Elevators, each of which holds up to 8 Marines. When the Marines arrive at the Elevator, there is a delay of 0 to 9 Turns for each Elevator to arrive. This means that the Marines have to allow a little extra time as they race to safety, and that they might have to risk leaving part of their unit behind. The Players should be able to choose whether they will leave in the Drop Ship or wait for teammates whose Elevator is running slow.

Of course, it is possible to send someone on ahead to hit the button, or even to leave a team behind to keep the Elevator in place. The down side is that these groups might well be attacked by any number of Waves of Aliens.