Rule: Fires

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

Any Marine equipped with a Flame Unit can use the Unit to create a barrier of Fire instead of shooting at an Alien. For each Action used by the Marine, a Fire Counter is placed on the Map. The placement of these Counters is subject to the normal restrictions placed on Flame Unit use; the Marine must be able to see the square, cannot fire through or into other Marines, and so forth. No roll need be made; the Marine simply states what the Action has been used for and places a Fire Counter in the square.

Aliens cannot Move through or Appear in squares with Fire Counters in them. They can only run up to the square and wait for a chance to get through or around the obstacle. If an Alien is fired at (and survives) while waiting for the Fire to go away, it will immediately set out on another route to reach the Marines. Note that Aliens can move diagonally past Fire in the same way they normally move. If, during the Alien Appearance Phase, the die roll indicates that an Alien should Appear in a square in which there is a Fire, then the Alien is considered dead.

All Fire Counters are removed from the Map at the beginning of the Marine Movement and Fire Phase. Each square of Fire created by a Flame Unit uses 1 point of Ammunition, if the Ammunition Restriction rule is being used.