Rule: Chain of Command

by: G. N. Unger

Chain of Command Rules

If Apone is Grabbed in the Reactor Room, no Marine may move for 3 Turns, at which point Hicks becomes senior officer. If Hicks is subsequently Grabbed, no Marine may move for 1 Turn.

Chain of Command Rules II:

If Apone is Grabbed, Incapacitated, or killed, all Marines lose 10 seconds from their Turn time (e.g. reducing the time to 20 seconds each). If Hicks is subsequently also lost, all Marines lose 5 more seconds (e.g. reducing them to 15 seconds each).

Game Notes:


When playing scenarios using the characters from Alien 3, if the character of Dillon is in play and he becomes grabbed, incapacitated or killed, any character who is one of the inmates will spend the next 3 turns in a panic. On each turn they will move their maximum move points in the opposite direction of the nearest alien character, and will be unable to attack (only defend). After those 3 turns, character actions resume normally.