Rule: Bonus Bug Rule

Source: Boardgame Optional Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

In the first two Scenarios, the Alien Appearance numbers run from 1 to 9, omitting the 0. In both cases, if a 0 is rolled, it means that an extra Alien appears on the Map that hence the term Bonus Bug. The extra Alien is placed using the normal rules, and if another 0 is rolled during its placement, then yet another extra Alien appears.

In order to keep accurate track of how many Aliens are going to arrive, it is suggested that the Players set aside the normal number of Aliens before placing any of them. For the Aliens on the Map normally, using this pool as a source of Counters. Anytime rolled during placement, put another Alien Counter in the pool. It is quite possible that for a single Alien to create a number of Bonus Bugs, and for one Bonus Bug to create 0 more others. There is no actual limit to the number which can appear. Since it only happens on a roll of 0, however, it should not happen too often. (Although many players say even once is too often.)

In all cases, Players obviously have to roll again to determine where the original will appear. Also, in the Reactor Room Scenario, a Bonus Bug only occurs if a 0 is rolled on the Row die; that is why the Rows are numbered 1 to 9. Once a Row has been selected if a 0 is rolled for the specific square, the Alien is simply placed normally. There is no Bonus Bug.

It is recommended that beginning players not use this rule.