Rule: Backup Weapons

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

Most of the Colonial Marines carry more than a single weapon, depending on their personal tastes and abilities. This rule permits some Marines to use their Backup Weapon, if their primary weapon is out of ammunition or undesirable for some other reason. Note that for the purposes of this rule only the term Marine is being used to apply to Colonial Marines specifically; the following rule does not apply to Burke, Bishop, Newt, or Ripley.

In general, the Backup Weapon is a Pistol; all Marines carry Pistols, even if one is not listed on the Character Card. In addition Hicks is carrying a Shotgun as a Backup Weapon, and Drake has a Flame Unit.

A Marine may elect at any time to drop his or her primary weapon and begin using the Backup Weapon instead. It takes 4 Actions to drop the primary weapon and prepare the Backup Weapon for use. If this is done, then the primary weapon is permanently lost to the Marines; the Marine may not use any weapon but the Backup until it is possible to get a new weapon.

For example, in the Reactor Room Scenario Hicks is using a Shotgun. If he wishes to drop the Shotgun and switch to his Backup Weapon (in this case a Pistol), then he may do so at a cost of 4 Actions. From that point forward in the Scenario, Hicks would only be able to fire at Aliens using his Pistol. In the Operations/Air Ducts Scenario, however, Hicks is carrying a Pulse Rifle; this means that he has acquired a new weapon (in this case, he has Reloaded his own Pulse Rifle with ammunition from the wreckage of the APC), and may use the Pulse Rifle normally in the Scenario. If he chose to go to his Backup Weapon in this Scenario, he could draw either his Shotgun or a Pistol, as desired.

Players who would like greater flexibility may even elect to allow Marines to swap weapons, or to pick up weapons from Incapacitated or Dead Marines. This level of detail is actually beyond the scope of this game, but the chances to hit for various weapons are shown on the Alternate Weapon Table, at the back of the book. Curious players are welcome to develop the appropriate rules for weapon swapping.