Rule: Ammunition Restrictions

Source: Expansion Rules

by: Leading Edge Games

A weapon will obviously hold only so many rounds of ammunition, and the lack of ammunition was significant at several points during the movie. The following rules allow players to keep track of ammunition expenditures, and require the use of the Status Sheet at the back of this rulebook. Players may freely photo-copy the Status Sheet for their personal use only.

Each of the weapons used by the Marines has an Ammunition Capacity; this is the number of times the weapon may be fired before it must be Reloaded. Whenever a Character fires his or her weapon, the player should mark off a single box on the Status Sheet. When all the boxes for the weapon have been marked off, the weapon cannot be fired until it has been Reloaded.

Note that for automatic weapons such as the Pulse Rifle each point of Ammunition Capacity represents several bullets, or rounds, while for a weapon like the Pistol each point represents just a single round. This is because of the differences in the rates of fire of the various weapons, and has already been reflected in the chances of hitting shown on the Character Cards.

The Ammunition Capacity of Pulse Rifles and Flame Units is 16, the Grenade Launchers attached to Pulse Rifles have a Capacity of 4, Machineguns have 26 shots, Pistols have 13, and Hicks' Shotgun has a Capacity of 8.

Reloading In most cases, the Marines have additional ammunition in case they run out. Putting this ammunition into the weapon takes 8 Actions, and is called Reloading. A Marine may choose to Reload at any time, as long as he or she has Actions available. Note that a Marine does not have to wait until the weapon is actually empty before Reloading; there may be times when a Marine will have time to Reload before the weapon is empty, and feel that there may not be a chance to Reload later. If a Marine Reloads a weapon that is not empty, then the remaining Ammunition Capacity of the first load is simply lost; it may not be saved or stored in any way. Simply cross off all the remaining boxes, and begin using the Reload line when next the weapon is fired.

Once a Marine has begun Reloading a weapon, he or she must spend the 8 Actions without interruption. This means that for most Marines a period of 4 full Turns is necessary, during which time they cannot take any Actions other than Reloading. Note also that Flame Units, Grenade Launchers, and the Shotgun cannot be Reloaded.