Rule: Ammo Carrier

by: Keith Oberschulte

In the movie when Sergeant Apone was ordered to collect everyone's ammo, he gave the bag with the ammo to Private Frost. When Frost was killed by Corporal Dietrich's flame-thrower, the ammo bag exploded, killing Private Crowe and the marines lost their ammo. This rule for the Reactor Room scenario takes this into account.

Before the start of play, the marine player(s) pick one of the three marines armed with only a pistol to carry the ammo bag (Crowe, Frost, or Hudson). Carrying the bag does not has no penalty to actions or melee, but the bag has to be dropped for a marine to carry an incapacitated marine.

If a marine carrying the bag is captured or killed by an alien, roll a ten-sided die. On a six or less, the ammo bag is lost. Seven or higher, the bag is left behind in the marines square and may be picked up by any marine.

If the marine is hit by an acid splash, roll a ten-sided die. On an even number, the ammo bag is destroyed by the acid but the marine is unaffected by the acid. On an odd number, the marine is hit by the acid but the bag is unharmed. If a zero is rolled, the marine is hit by the acid and the bag is destroyed.

If the optional Dietrich rule is being used and the marine carrying the ammo bag is hit by the flame-thrower, the bag explodes. Marines and aliens in adjacent squares are automatically killed. Marines two squares out have to roll on the Acid Splash table.

If the optional Frost rule is being used, the bag is left behind if the marine carrying it falls into the stairwell. If the Marine carrying the ammo bag makes it to safety, the marines have an additional reload for their pulse-rifles and pistols in the next scenario.