Portrait - Golic

Source: Alien 3

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Character Info

Golic is one of the more mentally unstable of the inmates at Fury-161. Prior to incarceration he was a serial killer and rapist, and this mental instability has led to others in the prison to actively distrust and shun him. After the first alien attack in the tunnels, Golic is initially thought to have killed the men himself. In the extended version of the film Alien 3, Golic, after witnessing the creature, begins to see it as a holy demon whom he begins to worship. In this version of the film, after the alien is caught, Golic releases it.


Strength: Poor (6)

Intelligence: Below Average (8)

Will: Above Average (12)

Health: Below Average (8)

Agility: Average (10)


Charisma: Extremely Poor (3)

Leadership: Extremely Poor (3)

Perception: Above Average (12)

Motivation: Above Average (12)

Combat Skills

  • Gun Combat: Untrained
  • Hand to Hand: Untrained


  • Combat Actions: 1
  • Knockout Value: 3
  • Learning Role: 10


  • Load Capacity: 30
  • Weight (Primary): 12
  • Weight (Secondary): 13

Primary Weapon(s)

Secondary Weapon(s)

Equipment Proficiency:


Skills and Specialization:


Game Notes

Due to Golic's insanity and almost religious like worship of the Alien, there is a chance that he will change sides and actively help the aliens against the other characters. When an Alien moves to a square adjacent to Golic, he must make a die roll. If he rolls a number less than the number of adjacent aliens (count diagonals as well for a possible total of 8 in extreme situations), he breaks with reality and sees the alien as the Devil. The aliens sense this and will refrain from attacking Golic if this happens. For the rest of the game play, Golic will play on the side of the aliens and players should treat him as if he were an alien character. Only when becoming incapacitated will the spell be broken.

Character Cards

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Golic WEAPON WEAPON RANGE ACTIONS: 1 MELEE: 1 AIM 1 2 7+ 3-4 5-6 Knife 1 5 - - - - Lead Pipe 1 7 - - - - Golic WOUNDED WEAPON WEAPON RANGE ACTIONS: 1 MELEE: 0 AIM 1 2 7+ 3-4 5-6 Knife 1 3 - - - - Lead Pipe 1 4 - - - -