Aaron (aka 85)

Portrait - Aaron (aka 85)

Source: Alien 3

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Character Info

Aaron is the Asst. Superintendent of the prison facility on Fury-161. He is mostly overshadowed by Superintendent Andrews, and is afforded little respect by the inmates. Part of this is due to his lack of religious conviction, but also because of his low IQ score of 85 (hence his nickname).

He is a staunch supporter and believer in Weyland Yutani, and refuses to accept that he is expendable in their eyes. When Andrews is killed, he attempts to take command of the situation and is completely disregarded by the survivors. Only when the rescue team shows up on Fury-161 and he sees how little regard they have for anything but the alien inside Ripley does he lose faith in the company. He is killed by one of the security officers attempting to stop Bishop II.


Strength: Average (10)

Intelligence: Poor (6)

Will: Below Average (8)

Health: Average (10)

Agility: Average (10)


Charisma: Poor (6)

Leadership: Below Average (8)

Perception: Below Average (8)

Motivation: Average (10)

Combat Skills

  • Gun Combat: Novice
  • Hand to Hand: Untrained


  • Combat Actions: 2
  • Knockout Value: 8
  • Learning Role: 6


  • Load Capacity: 30
  • Weight (Primary): 8
  • Weight (Secondary): 5

Primary Weapon(s)

Equipment Proficiency:


Skills and Specialization:


Game Notes


Character Cards

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Aaron (aka 85) WEAPON WEAPON RANGE ACTIONS: 1 MELEE: 1 AIM 1 2 7+ 3-4 5-6 Pistol 1 6 5 4 - - Aaron (aka 85) WOUNDED WEAPON WEAPON RANGE ACTIONS: 1 MELEE: -0 AIM 1 2 7+ 3-4 5-6 Pistol 1 1 0 0 - -