Aliens RPG

Here you will find a large collection of characters, rules and other useful fan made information for the out of print Aliens Board Game published by leading edge games in 1989. In addition to some reworked stats for the base game characters, we have put together cards for those characters from the other alien films and media. This includes Alien, Alien3, Alien Resurrection & Prometheus as well as the comics from Dark Horse.

Newest Characters

Portrait - Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels, nicknamed "Danny", was the chief terra-formist aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant.

Portrait - Waidslaw Orona

Waidslaw Orona

A geneticist and scientist looking to capture and study the alien. After the infestation he devoted himself to researching a way to stop the creature, before taking his own life to prevent becoming a host.

Portrait - Butler


A synthetic Marine and close confidant of Billie (Newt) during the mission to capture a live alien specimen for the Terran Govt. Butler was lost and presumed dead during the mutiny against General Spears during the aline infestation on earth.

Newest Rules Additions


by Banjo

A new defensive action that marine players may use on their turn.

Sentry Guns

by Banjo

A set of rules by Banjo based on discussions in the BGG forum.