Additional Rules

Optional Game rules created by players and publications from around the web.

Additional Aim Time

by Leading Edge Games

Adds the ability stack aim actions beyond what the card stats allow.

Ammo Carrier

by Keith Oberschulte

Adds the role of ammo carrier to one of the players marines.

Ammunition Restrictions

by Leading Edge Games

Adds the concept of limited ammunition as a strategic element to the game.

Backup Weapons

by Leading Edge Games

While characters have multiple weapon options, each scenario usually allows on one weapon. This adds the concept of a backup weapon to use.

Bonus Bug Rule

by Leading Edge Games

Adds an additional challenge by utilizing the role of 0 during the spawn phase to allow for additional aliens.

Chain of Command

by G. N. Unger

Allows for positive and negative bonuses for characters based on the survival of commanding officers.

Eggs and Facehuggers

by Leading Edge Games

Takes into account the presence of eggs within a scenario.


by Leading Edge Games

Additional rules for dealing with fires in the use of flamethrowers and explosives.

Firing Through Marines

by Leading Edge Games

Adds modifiers and additional rules to deal with firing through map spaces containing friendlies.

Going Up?

by Leading Edge Games

When escaping maps utilizing the elevator as the end point, adds a wait time before the marines may leave.

Grenade Effects

by Stuart K Tucker

Simulates the effects of an grenade explosion on surrounding map spaces.

Hand Grenades

by Leading Edge Games

Updates the grenade rules to allow for hand held thrown hand grenades.

Hasty Shots

by Stuart K Tucker

Special rules for handling taking shots taken when an alien enters the same space as a player.

Hidden Cards

by G. N. Unger

Rules addition to add a challenge for the marines when playing a 2 player Vs. game.

Impregnated Characters

by Admin

Rules to deal with characters that have been impregnated with an alien embryo.

Incapacitated Marine

by G. N. Unger

The last ditch rule when an marine is incapacitated.

Lets Blow Up Burke

by Leading Edge Games

A slightly pointless but satisfying rule for dealing with Burks.

Machine Gun (special ability)

by Leading Edge Games

Rules for handling the unique firing capabilities of characters using smart guns.

Marine Specific Rules

by G. N. Unger

A set of rules for adding special considerations to specific characters.

Melee Update

by G. N. Unger

A modification to how the melee rues are handled when combating aliens.

Operations Door

by G. N. Unger

Allows players to weld the door of the operations scenario adding additional strategy.


by G. N. Unger

Allows characters to run in a straight line for their turn, increasing action points.

Throwing Grenades

by Leading Edge Games

How to handle throwing of Pulse Rifle grenades instead of shooting them.

Time Limits

by G. N. Unger

Adds a timer component to player turns increasing the frantic and hectic pace of the game.

Tournament Rules

by Leading Edge Games

Rules for use in competitive elimination tournament play.

Weapons and Firing (Player Variants)

by G. N. Unger

Different rules for dealing with weapons and how the behave when firing.