Ripley (Alien 3)

Portrait - Ripley (Alien 3)

Source: Alien 3

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Character Info

When Ellen Ripley crash lands on Fury-161, she finds herself surrounded by all male inmates made up of murderers and rapists. After discovering that Newt and Hicks have both been killed, her drive and motivation are diminished. This is compounded by learning that during hypersleep she has been impregnated by a queen embryo. Not wishing to fight anymore, she looks for a way to end her life while destroying the creatures to prevent their spread.


Strength: Above Average (12)

Intelligence: Excellent (16)

Will: Excellent (16)

Health: Below Average (8)

Agility: Above Average (12)


Charisma: Below Average (8)

Leadership: Good (14)

Perception: Excellent (16)

Motivation: Good (14)

Combat Skills

Gun Combat: Certified

Hand to Hand: Novice


Combat Actions: 5

Knockout Value: 32

Learning Role: 20


Load Capacity: 35

Weight (Primary): 17

Weight (Secondary): 14

Primary Weapon(s)

Icon - Lead Pipe

Equipment Proficiency:

Motion Tracker

Personal Data Transmitter


Skills and Specialization:





Power Loader

Game Notes

Due to the queen embryo that is growing inside of her, players may wish to implement the "No Attack" rule for aliens. As Aliens will not harm their future queen, aliens will not target Ripley during the attack phase. Additionally, when Ripley attacks an alien during her action phase, the Alien may actively attempt to move away on its next turn. This makes the Ripley character extremely effective and powerful especially when playing with other unarmed characters from the 3rd movie.

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