Character Info

Parker is the Chief Engineer and half of the mechanical team along with Brett aboard the Nostromo. He is loud and aggressive in his pursuit of compensation for any and all work. He views the flight crew of being somewhat elitist and often makes comments about them to this effect. Once the alien is on board, he tries to take the lead in killing it, but eventually concedes leadership to RIpley and her more planned resourcefulness at dealing with the situation. While showing strength and determination under pressure, he is killed along with Lambert when she panics, preventing him from being able to defend against the creature.


Strength: Good (14)

Intelligence: Average (10)

Will: Good (14)

Health: Above Average (12)

Agility: Average (10)


Charisma: Above Average (12)

Leadership: Above Average (12)

Perception: Above Average (12)

Motivation: Average (10)

Combat Skills

Gun Combat: Novice

Hand to Hand: Certified


Combat Actions: 2

Knockout Value: 14

Learning Role: 10


Load Capacity: 40

Weight (Primary): 26

Weight (Secondary): 16

Primary Weapon(s)

Icon - Flame Thrower

Secondary Weapon(s)

Icon - Electrical Prod

Equipment Proficiency:


Skills and Specialization:

Vehicle Support

Special Weapons

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