Character Info

Milburn is the biologist of the Prometheus mission tasked with documenting and investigating any new lifeforms that they might encounter. He is as slightly nervous and socially awkward individual who can also be a bit overzealous and inconsistent in his actions. While initially freaked out and terrified during the discovery of dead alien bodies, he will ultimately meet his end when foolishly engaging a bit too excitedly to a newly discovered hammerpede.


Strength: Average (10)

Intelligence: Above Average (12)

Will: Average (10)

Health: Average (10)

Agility: Average (10)


Charisma: Below Average (8)

Leadership: Below Average (8)

Perception: Average (10)

Motivation: Average (10)

Combat Skills

Gun Combat: Untrained

Hand to Hand: Untrained


Combat Actions: 3

Knockout Value: 3

Learning Role: 12


Load Capacity: 35

Weight (Primary): 21

Weight (Secondary): 21

Primary Weapon(s)

Icon - Fists

Equipment Proficiency:

First Aid Kit

Light Atmospheric Suit

Skills and Specialization:

Biological Sciences

Game Notes

For some added fun, when playing with Millburn, when an alien life form is first encountered on a mission roll one D10.

  • On a roll of 1-5, the player may make the turn as they normally would.
  • On a roll of 6-10, the player must move Millburn directly towards the alien.

Game Cards