Character Info

Johner is a short tempered and imposing member of the Betty crew. He has a dark humor streak and will often use that and his appearance to intimidate and harass others. He also is a heavy drinker and will often carry around a thermos of his own special alcohol. This thermos also conceals a makeshift pistol for emergencies. His one of four to survive the encounter on the Auriga.


Strength: Excellent (16)

Intelligence: Above Average (12)

Will: Above Average (12)

Health: Above Average (12)

Agility: Average (10)


Charisma: Below Average (8)

Leadership: Below Average (8)

Perception: Average (10)

Motivation: Above Average (12)

Combat Skills

Gun Combat: Professional

Hand to Hand: Certified


Combat Actions: 4

Knockout Value: 48

Learning Role: 14


Load Capacity: 60

Weight (Primary): 24

Weight (Secondary): 22

Primary Weapon(s)

Icon - Shockrifle

Secondary Weapon(s)

Icon - Shotgun

Equipment Proficiency:


Combat Harness

Skills and Specialization:

Heavy Weapons


Special Weapons

Game Notes

Johner can be played using the "Cocktail" rule. During his action phase a player may spend an action point to drink some of Johner's special brew. For the next 3 turns this gives Johner a +2 on all melee combat, but a -2 on all ranged attacks. Christie may also take advantage of this rule with reduced results. See his info page for details. The "cocktail rule" may only be used a total of 4 times in a given scenario.

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