Portrait - Hudson

Source: Aliens

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Character Info

Game over man.Private first class Hudson was the combat technician for the Marines sent to LV-426. However he was known much more for his false bravado and poor attitude in the face of danger. When pushed he could overcome his ego and be an effective combatant, but he was often the voice of despair or negativity on the squad. Hudson managed to survive the first alien attack but was taken during the escape from the colony. In the film, it is never indicated what happened to Hudson. However in the video game Colonial Marines, his body is discovered cocooned in the sewers, having been killed after being impregnated.


Strength: Above Average (12)

Intelligence: Above Average (12)

Will: Above Average (12)

Health: Above Average (12)

Agility: Above Average (12)


Charisma: Good (14)

Leadership: Below Average (8)

Perception: Average (10)

Motivation: Below Average (8)

Combat Skills

Gun Combat: Professional

Hand to Hand: Novice


Combat Actions: 5

Knockout Value: 48

Learning Role: 10


Load Capacity: 35

Weight (Primary): 37

Weight (Secondary): 29

Primary Weapon(s)

Icon - Pulse RIfle

Secondary Weapon(s)

Icon - Pistol

Equipment Proficiency:

Motion Tracker

Personal Data Transmitter


Welding Torch

Light Combat Armor

Skills and Specialization:


Computer Engineering


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